Synchronous observer

HOLIDES european project addresses development and qualification of adaptive cooperative Human-Machine Systems (ADCOS) where many humans and many machines act together, cooperatively, in a highly adaptive way to guarantee fluent and cooperative task achievement.
In this context djnn underlying unified theoretical model was used to perform formal verification.

  • Abstract interpretation: exploit the singularities of the djnn tree (structure of components, data flow, control flow, order relation…) and verify properties by performing pattern matching on the XML dumped tree.
  • Synchronous observers: at runtime, observe a complex sequence of internal events described by a regular expression and verify properties by using djnn control structure like Finite State Machines.

djnn was integrated into V-HCD (Virtual Human Centred Design) platform based on RT-Maps with Pro-SIVIC®, COSMODRIVE and MOVIDA tools. More information on the Holides project website

Related publication:
[Chatty S., Magnaudet M., Prun D., Conversy S., Rey S., Poirier M. Designing, developing and verifying interactive components iteratively with djnn. – In ERTS 2016, 8th European Congress on Embedded Real Time Software and Systems]

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